A fixed indexed annuity is an insurance product designed for long-term retirement savings that can create a guaranteed stream of income or “retirement paycheck” to supplement your other income sources, such as Social Security, pensions, 401(k)/IRAs and personal assets. Plus, you have the potential to grow your income amount over time, while protecting any gains from loss due to market downturns.

Is a fixed indexed annuity right for me?

FIAs are designed to meet a variety of needs and can be a valuable addition to your retirement plan to help you feel more confident about your financial future and be better prepared for life’s uncertainties.

“Planning for a secure retirement requires a personalized approach, so it is important for financial professionals and their clients to consider savings vehicles that can provide growth and protection for both present and future financial needs.

Explore if a FIA is right for your risk tolerance, goals and the lifestyle you hope to enjoy in retirement by speaking with your financial professional, Crystal Royster at 336-255-0633

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If you’re new to life insurance, it can be overwhelming to sift through all the information out there. Learn the basics and find out what you need to make an informed decision.

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Medicare Supplement Coverage is designed to cover expenses not covered (or only partially covered) by the "original Medicare" (Parts A & B) fee-for-service benefits. They are only available to individuals enrolled in Medicare Parts A & B. Medigap plans may be purchased on a guaranteed issue basis (no health questions asked) during a six-month open enrollment period when an individual first becomes eligible for Medicare. The benefits offered by Medigap plans are standardized.

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A number of leading insurers now offer coverage that is often referred to as "Short-Term Care". The American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance established the National Advisory Center to help create heightened awareness of this valuable planning option. The typical Short-Term Care insurance (STCi) policy provides coverage for 1 year or less. For many people, this is a very appropriate and affordable amount of coverage.