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Our Mission and Core Values:
  • We are dedicated to doing the right thing and being honest in all we do.
  • We strive to serve our clients with compassion and humility. We work hard to listen first and speak later so that we earn the trust of the clients that we serve.
  • We service and respond to the needs of others in a timely manner to help them find coverage suitable to their individual needs
We specialize in senior insurance products and tailor your insurance needs to fit you.

Meet Crystal Royster, Registered Nurse & Independent Licensed Insurance Agent:

Crystal Royster has been a registered nurse for over 25 years. For the past 19 years, Crystal has been providing care coordination for members of various insurance companies so they can get the care that they need. As of November 2020, she has transitioned from nursing to Insurance services with a focus on Medicare coverage options, Life Insurance and Annuities. Crystal helps people choose insurance plans that fit their needs and give them access to the quality care that they deserve.

As a Licensed Insurance Advisor, Crystal helps you review and evaluate Medicare and other insurance plans and their benefits. She also educates and guides you in choosing a suitable Insurance plan that fits your needs. The advantage of Crystal representing different insurance companies, is that you get to choose from a wider variety of plans when working with her and since she’s not bound to just one insurance company, Crystal can usually provide you with objective recommendations for Medicare and other insurance coverage.

Given Crystal’s nursing background and experience working with several insurance companies over the past 19 years, she has the knowledge, compassion and insight to help clients obtain the insurance coverage that they need. Whether you need a Medicare Advantage plan, Critical Illness Plan, an Annuity or Life insurance, Crystal has you covered! She will help you find the coverage that fits your needs as she is well-versed in insurance matters and will work in your best interest.

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