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How to enroll in Medicare if you missed your Initial Enrollment Period

Special Enrollment Period

  • If you are eligible for the Part B SEP, you can enroll in Medicare without penalty at any time while you have job-based insurance and for eight months after you lose your job-based insurance or you (or your spouse) stop working, whichever comes first.
  • If you are under 65, are Medicare-eligible due to disability, and have job-based insurance through a family member’s current work, you may also be entitled to the SEP if there are at least 100 employees at your family member’s place of work.
  • Know the differences in coverage through job-based insurance if you are Medicare-eligible due to age versus disability.

  • General Enrollment Period

  • The GEP takes place January 1 through March 31 of each year. During this period you can enroll in Medicare Part B.
  • Enrolling during the GEP means your coverage will start on July 1. Until that time, you will not be covered by Medicare.
  • Enrolling in Medicare during the GEP means you may have to pay a Part B premium penalty.